Kazembe Dumbwi Dumbwi All Olds


Kazembe is the first Artist in the History of this country known to have bounced back on the Zambian Music scene with a hit 2 decades ago. It is not easy from any artist . He is known for his contravential banger Dumbwi Dumbwi. He did an album through Supershine in 2006 and 2009 called Master K II Kazembe and Retirement package album which is on boomplay respectively. Kazembe worked with Jerry Fingers, TK, Ronny, Mike and many producers just to mention a few.
Kazembe calls for Unity among artists new and the golden generation. Kazembe wishes to work with his long friends like Petersen, Drimz, Winston Moyo, JK, Mozegeta, John, Shimaster Mwinemfumu, Yo maps, Tommy D and many others from this generation. Kazembe Dumbwi Dumbwi urges his fans base to follow @Kazembe Dumbwi Dumbwi , Kazembe Retirement Package on Boomplay and YouTube @ Kazembe Dumbwi Dumbwi. Soon all songs will be on all streaming platform.
The reason of the absence was due to the nature of work which required working 24/7 and he apologizes to his fan base for the quietness which has been erased by the release of “ZIKOMO”. Kazembe Thanks the legends for holding on to the flag and push it further to live performances. He urges the current generation to invest their hard earned income prudently as HE.Mr. Hakainde Hichilema the president of republic of Zambia always encourages his cabinet and the 20million Zambians.

Coming Out On Tuesday