Pauline’s biography


My name is Pauline Mulenga Singogo gospel artist, song writer and a psalmist. I’m born again and l love the Lord. I was born on 25th August am married to Oliver Singogo and  have 2 children Taonga and Tamara who  have been very supportive  to my music.
Career wise, am a nurse by profession and a registered manager for a care agency. 
The calling to sing started when I was very young but it became more evident when I got saved in 1987. I loved singing, I’ve  sang as a soloist, in groups; schools; churches; colleges; funerals and weddings.

I relocated to UK in 2003 and joined Newlife Church in Cirencester where I served as a worship leader from 2006. Newlife Church has been a stepping stone to my calling because it was there where God  made it  more clearer to me over my next step in terms of becoming a recording artist. 

On 18th September 2017,  l wrote and released  my first single ‘Grace alone’ and then second single ‘Patiently’ was released on 17th February 2018.  

l then began to work on my first Album Grace alone which was finally launched in Birmingham and released on 15th September 2018. 

The story behind Grace Alone album is as a  result of God’s commission to become a recording artist, who will be used by God to bring many to the kingdom of God. It took God himself to  make me realise who l was and  my purpose on earth. Personally, I was reluctant and waiting for my own ‘right time’ of perfection in terms of  physical, financial and spiritual development, but God said to me he alone would make a way, he would carry me through and only his Grace would  be sufficient,  all l needed to do was to trust him and allow him to do everything according to the counsel of his will. 

I have finally submitted to his will.
 Here lam doing God’s way and God’s timing is surely the best. 
I’m forever a debtor to Grace alone.