Slapdee Pledges To Empower Youths and Offer Business Partnerships In 2019

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My vision for 2019 is start as many business partnerships with as many young people and startups as possible. Many young people have great ideas that are still stagnant because they may not understand how to turn them into cash making businesses. I may not have the formula but will do everything within my stregnth to see it succed because i believe “team work makes the dream work”. From my experience in music, collaborations are the best possible ways to create powerful projects and bring great ideas to life. In Zambia this is not very common among us young people. This is mostly blamed on our upbringing and poor business culture. We must refuse and change that thinking. We are all we have.

If you think you have a business or business idea that can change lives in any way from tech, clothing, farming, entertainment all the way to toy making, email me your detailed proposal here My team and I will select a few that we can run with and set up a meeting with you.

Please NOTE this is not entirely about start up money and or loans. I may not have the capacity.

Lets make our 2019 a success!!!


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