B’Flow Announces Resignation from Zambia Association of Musicians

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Brian Bwembya known by his stage name as B’Flow announced his resignation as Publicity Secretary of Zambia Association of Musicians on Wednesday, Jan. 2.

B’Flow took over as Publicity Secretary of ZAM in May, 2018 after elections that were held in Lusaka as part of the organizations effort to better things, amid the controversy it faced during that time and the past few years.

The award winning entertainment figure and social activist has announced to share details of his resignation later while we also wait for the official statement from ZAM president – Tivo Shikapwashya.

Statement from B’Flow via Twitter

“I wish to announce to all members of the Zambia Association of Musicians (@ZAMusicians) and the general public that I have resigned from my position as Publicity Secretary. The details of my resignation will be shared later…”

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