Dan Eng Ft Khlassiq-Suck it-(Prod By Ricore)

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(turn up music Africa)
(slurps * slurps)
Yo keep sucking, it you suck ahaha Dan Eng in thus booth. turn the lights on.

chorus : Khlassiq

They bow down when they see me coming from afar
they bow down coz they know I’m the lord and the lord of the bad
they be throwing rises on the floor
so I can walk on it
they call me messiah, they call me messiah
they call me messiah they call me, they know me Messiah

Verse I : Dan Eng
I had an attack I fell off
then had my back against the wall
stayed broke for a long time and all I learnt was
Aba bangwele bafwaya am a rappers ababa established already
they’re gonna stamp on nigga but still want to get back just when he’s ready
they’d be like scrrr scrrr like a wounded dog
but I’d still push through with my syllables
my syllabus never had negatives
I’m sicker than most of your relatives
secretly fuck with your physician
my limit has never been in the sky
their medicine made me to look at my melanin different
I look so beautiful
ma gorillas pama damn covers
been playing the underdog game for hours
Kings of metaphors? Man they’re lying
Been lying to the public that they made it they’re powerful
Take the parachute
i’ll come in your house like a prostitute
fuck with your past and then post you to the preschool skull
i’ll visit you with a pistol just to piss you..

Verse II

Yo the horror is here don’t nobody move
y’all can just sit as I drive you in a cruiser
we murdered your role models without the bruises
and you still need more proof? You bitches are fools!
text me your promo and I’ll post it
but next week right after texting with your next chick.
stick to my ex bitch
its a deliberate move to hurt thee
haters can suck on a big one
imitators are nothing but big fans
and this time y’all wont withstand my E(vil) plans when D comes
she’s brought you the fucking horror on the chorus
y’all gat no guts you’re fucking oil like some doughnuts
I’m pouring soda on your sores that’s bonus for showing no love to your brothers
but what a important is I’m a game changer
all i need is a plain paper
spray hate there then say bye
take the weed i’ll still get high
I ain’t playing fair? What should I do, cry?
two fools died trying to do the right thing
pushed me outside the stu
and I came back in a black hood and now


how does it feel to suck it? yo chilipo entertainment in this booth. (Phil The Kaps where you at) ayo Snipper I see you. Twissdo are you there? yo Tout I’m just checking up on you dawg. still having fun with these haters I love it when they look like that they look sadder than ever Eng in this booth. yo turn the lights off..

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