Dumisani Ziba-Bio


Dumisani Ziba was born in Kalingalinga, Lusaka, Zambia, in the year 1993, born to Reverend Peter and Pastor Elizabeth Ziba, with him being the third born child of the five children.

 He comes from a humble background from a community where people live like one big family. This taught him to value relationships and consider every person he comes across as family.

His love for music started at a tender age where his mom and dad would gather them in the evening after dinner to tell them stories and sing for them. Through it was though these bonding sessionsthat they taught him songs by including him in the singing and sometimes giving him parts to sing along.

Following his passion for music, he pursued to learn how to play keyboards at the age of 8 and immediately started playing in church.
By the age of 14 he became a music director in his local church and has been leading worship teams in several other churches heserved under since then.
Dumisani loves singing, listening to and making music. He is highly social and loves spending time with family. Moreover, he enjoys exploring different sounds and experimenting with different music genres as well as blending different sounds together.

His core values are Love, Forgiveness and Honesty. He sternly believes that these three can break-through any obstacle that life can bring.