Mama- Kuncho- Album


Kuncho Album Has arrived.Listen to Mama kuncho Album below in full.Kuncho Mindset has been busy burning the music industry ,Regarded as one of the more underrated Rapper,He decided to ring in a new era.After dropping his first hot song first song First Wave.Mindset now returns with his new wave with Mama Kuncho Album .Packaged in 11 Songs in total And Features No Artist.

“Kuncho Mindset Said” ,I cried alot while doing this Mama Kuncho Album ,Cause i was talking about my life story.When I was recording and writing the songs i started catching memories of my late mom, pains and the struggles i have passed through.I hope you all ride with my story down on that link.

[download url=”″ title=”1 One Time”]

[download url=”″ title=”2 Ching Chong”]

[download url=”″ title=”3 Talk To Me Nicely”]

[download url=”″ title=”4 Call Mahone”]

[download url=”″ title=”5 First Wave”]

[download url=”″ title=”6 Nothin To Me”]

[download url=”″ title=”7 Switchin Rolls”]

[download url=”″ title=”8 Brokelife”]

[download url=”″ title=”9 My Pain”]

[download url=”″ title=”10 Chinese”]

[download url=”″ title=”11 Mama Kuncho”]