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Become a Member on Zamup…Or If You’re a Producer u can sign up your studio..For your Musicians who are signed under your studio only 5 artist with you to be uploading and Promoted by Zamup.coWill take promo songs on selected radio stations across and within the borders.


Artist interviews on selected radio stations please note; interviews may be done via phone or may be live studio interviews. If giving time on Radio Station.

Artist gigs, please note: we are not solely responsible for organizing gigs for you as artist. However, we will endeavor to hook you up with credible gigs that are within our power.

Connecting you as an artist to other artist who may or may not be part of ZamupMusic for music features, however we are not responsible for paying those artists.



Deny uploading any song that is not of the required quality; however, a fully paid member may replace the song with another that may meet the set standards.

Limit the number of songs to be uploaded by members who have not paid fully at the beginning of their financial year.

Deactivate an account of a member, whether fully paid or not if such a member conducts themselves in an unruly manner.

Decline from refunding the money of a member who decides to terminate his/her contract on reasons that are not the managements fault.

Call or WhatsApp us on 0973707576 & 0966933969 Email:[email protected]