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TripleG is an Afrobeat, rap, pop Collective of three brothers born in central-East Afrika and raised partly in Afrika and Europe.

Patrick Gihana “Gpat”, Serge Gihana “Sergent” and Marcelin Gihana “Imasaï”.

Growing up in congo (RDC) in the 90’s  where music culture was a big part of their lifestyle

Congolese rumba and other African international sounds began to influence and inspire the young men

And that’s how they got involved with music in general.

In 1998, they moved to Belgium with the whole family where they met different new cultures and societies

they found themselves in a completely different world full of new and special music genres.


Football was always the first dream but the love for music became bigger and bigger  and things changed quickly..

Inspired by the international music platform with genres like  Rap, Rnb, Dancehall, Pop, Soul, Hip-hop and Afro-Beat

they started with music in the year 2000.


their first mixtape”Al’AISE”came out a year later and was a success,followed by THE THREE MUSKETEERS,BLOOD BROTHERS,FAMILY TREE&KISS&CUDDLE

plus a lot of performances at schools,clubs, cafés, festivals ect…Also had the opportunity to go on tour in Congo,Rwanda(Africa),Belgium,France,Spain,Serbia,Holland and Germany.


Beside music they are also actively involved in films, series and advertising as actors.In 2014 they starred in a  documentary

“What about Eric” together with KrazyE which won the first price for best Belgian documentary at the Leuven International

Festival of Shortfilms.

After a few solo projects, they came back together in 2016 with a new AfroSound to make the world dance,with their wonderful sound full of up tempo,very danceable songs and catchy melodic choruses with powerfull lyrics and excellent flows!!!

They sing and rap in 3different world languages#ENGLISH#FRENCH#SWAHILI

With this new project,they are bringing the sun,the fun,the dance moves,the warmth and the party sound of their motherland to you all..!!!








Press Release





2001  Album “ L’union Fait la Force”

2003  Album “three Musketeers “

2005  Mixtape “Blood Brothers”

2007 Album “ Family tree “

2007  Single “ noir et fier “ on Tmf TV

2009  Belgium Got Talent Vtm TV

2010 Album “ Kiss&cuddle”

2010 Single “ don’t follow me “ TMF TV Day Top 5

2011 Single  “ don’t follow me “on different radios in Belgium

2013  Tv Soap “Famillie, Thuis,DeRidder ,connie ,ontspoord ,studio100 hotel13

2013  Films  “ the fifth state, het vonnis , MannenHarten , Sexualhealing “

2013 Tv Commercial “ proximus, mobistar, jupiler, summerby, vakantieland

2014  Documentary “What About Eric”

2015 Movie “Black”

2015 Tv Commercial “ Stevie”

2016 Tv Soap “buurtpolitie”

2017 Single “ MON BEBE” available now in stores ,on the radios in Africa and on youtube

2017 Video Clip &Album Coming Soon

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